Can I Start a Business with the Same Name as Another?

You can often use the same business name in your own state or in another state, if it's not in the state where the trade name is registered and doesn't violate trademark rules. This is a common practice among small local businesses. If another company has the same domain name as you, you can take legal action against them for trademark infringement and vice versa. This will give your company the right to sue for trademark infringement in your state or even at the federal level if this occurs later in your business career. Also, if you can demonstrate that Three Trojans SEO knew you were using the name Trojan SEO before you began using Three Trojans, you'll be in a very strong position.

If you and another company have the same or a similar name, but don't operate in the same industry or field, there may be no reason to confuse consumers and there may be no problem. If you come across another company with the same name, trademark, or domain name as yours, send them a cease-and-desist letter as a warning. If they don't respond properly and the violation continues, you can take other legal action to show that the violation has had a negative impact on your business. So you've created a business and you can't wait to use the amazing business name you've always dreamed of. To make sure that your company name is only yours, start by incorporating your company at both provincial and federal levels.

For Corporations Canada to approve it, your company name must be different and not conflict with any existing business name. Now that we've explained the ins and outs of naming your company and protecting your brand, you should be able to dedicate yourself to this aspect of entrepreneurship with confidence and clarity. But all of a sudden, a new company uses your name, trademark, logo or domain name or all of those things. For example, maybe your company works in technology and a company with the same or a similar name works in mining. However, a registered business name can be problematic if the name of this company is too similar to the name of your company.

Protect your domain name by buying and using it for your company's brand, package, and other marketing materials, so it's clear that it's tied to your company and can't be used by other companies.

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