Can Two Businesses Have the Same LLC?

Yes, you can have several businesses under one LLC. In the case of multiple LLCs, each individual LLC must operate as its own entity and file taxes separately. As highlighted in the disadvantages of having several LLCs, this can be expensive and create a more complicated picture when it comes to filing taxes.


, let's start with the short answer, which is yes, you can operate multiple service lines in an LLC. Many entrepreneurs who choose to do this use what is called a fictitious name statement or a DBA (also known as Doing Business As) to operate an additional business under a different name.

In general, it is considered safer and smarter for people to keep their business companies completely separate from each other by creating an LLC for every aspect of a company; in essence, what is being done is creating a Delaware LLC as a holding company and other individual LLCs within it, but separate from it. Of course, there are additional maintenance fees, but they can be worth it to protect your business and provide the peace of mind offered by independent LLCs. Therefore, as mentioned, in certain regulated businesses, such as insurance, they would also be regulated by another chapter. However, there is a scenario in which it might make sense to have two businesses under one LLC, in the case where you use your LLC as a holding company. While managing both companies under a single LLC may offer some shortcuts, such as simpler business administration and just an annual filing fee, in the long run, these shortcuts are likely not worth it because of the increased potential risk.

Nevertheless, the fact that it is allowed and possible to operate several companies under a single LLC or corporation does not mean that you should do so, as it can have drawbacks. We'll save you from suspense and let you know right away that yes, you can have multiple businesses under one LLC. The assets and revenues of your publishing company will also be exposed to any legal claims that may be brought against your dog walking company as a result of the incident. Many business owners may choose to create a DBA or “Doing Business As” under their original constitution to cover the operation of a new company. It might seem uncomfortable to tell people it's called renting one, two or three properties, but you offer academic services, but you already have the LLC created, so if you hadn't done any activities with it and just wanted to use the structure, you could change the name to an academic services LLC and then use it for that and it could totally change your line of business. Following the three different models used above, there are a number of considerations that a business owner must consider when deciding which multi-business strategy to implement. The answer is yes: it is possible and permissible to operate several businesses under an umbrella LLC.

In addition, setting up an LLC is not too complicated a business, nor is managing and maintaining one.

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