Can Two Businesses Have the Same DBA Name?

In most states, no two companies will be able to use the same DBA. Doing so will lead to confusion, especially when the fictitious names belong to the same industry. To use a DBA in your company, you must submit an application. This gives you trademark rights to your company name and gives you the legal right to file trademark infringement lawsuits at the provincial or federal level. Monitoring what's online is an important way to avoid naming problems and protect your company's brand.

Then, you can have a bank account in the name of the LLC for both business activities, or you can open a second bank account (in the name of the LLC and its database administrator) for the Shopify store. Keep in mind that the two LLCs are completely independent and unrelated entities that manage their own respective businesses. For example, you could use a database administrator for your LLCs, which would increase the complexity of paperwork and banking logistics. Anyway, you'll have to use the names of the LLCs in the contracts and agreements. However, I also have a DBA in the pipeline.

Can I use the DBA for banking purposes as an LLC? But make sure that every potential launderette has its own LLC separate from the DBA. You can also open two bank accounts (the first in the name of your LLC and the second in the name of your DBA and LLC). Make sure you have the necessary trademarks for the name of your company, as well as the incorporation of the company, in order to protect your brand. However, if companies don't belong to the same industry and don't compete for the same customers, they can usually keep their name. In general, it is considered safer and smarter for people to keep their business companies completely separate from each other by creating an LLC for every aspect of a company; in essence, what is being done is creating a Delaware LLC as a holding company and other individual LLCs within it, but separate from it.

For example, my marketing service would use the name of the LLC and my e-commerce company would use a “fictitious” name.

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