Can You Have Multiple DBA Names Under One LLC?

In fact, creating an additional DBA name is a simple strategy that some companies use to diversify their businesses. If you're an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you may be wondering if it's possible to use a single limited liability company (LLC) for multiple “doing business as” names (DBA) for multiple companies. The answer is yes, it's possible, but there are some important things to consider before doing so. Under state laws, an LLC can have an unlimited number of DBA names.

The names of DBAs are not independent legal entities. Instead, they are business or business names that differ from the name of the actual LLC. Legally, an LLC has no limits on the number of fictitious business names you can apply for. For this reason, the name search tool is offered so that business owners can find out what names have already been used and can only use those that are available. DBAs cannot exist independently, but must have an underlying business entity, such as an LLC or a sole proprietorship.

Another consideration is that using a single LLC for several database administrators can make it difficult to keep track of your finances. An LLC with several members may choose only one database administrator, since the number of members of the LLC is irrelevant to the database administration process. The answer is yes: it is possible and permissible to operate several companies under one Sole LLC Umbrella. LLCs and DBAs are different, since the former is an independent business entity and can exist without a DBA, while the DBA is a business name used when the owner of the company does not want to use the name of the entity. Many entrepreneurs who choose this option use what is called a fictitious name or a DBA (also known as Doing Business As) to manage another company with a different name.

I always had the idea of using the same company name for all my companies, but I realized that one wrong lawsuit could end everything I had worked for. Before applying for a DBA, small business owners should perform a search to ensure that the business name is available in that state. Or you can open two bank accounts (the first in the name of your LLC and the second in the name of your DBA and LLC). Those who conduct business through a sole proprietorship or general partnership structure can apply for a single DBA. You may need to pay a DBA registration fee, which may vary depending on the state in which you submit the application.

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